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Company Profile

C&C Construction Equipment Ltd established in 2015. C&C is a professional company that supplies attachments of construction equipment. Our manufacture locates in China. Our factory makes and designs high quality products to meet customer’s high requirements.

We offer wide range excavator attachment solutions for your equipment. Our most popular product is C&C Excavator Bucket. These buckets are able to compatible with the most popular excavator models. All buckets are designed and tested to fit your different working needs. Each bucket matches your machine and provides outstanding performance to efficiently complete your tasks. C&C bucket has superior loading capabilities. We design it to reduce cycle times by optimizing machine’s breakout force and power capacity.

Our buckets are defined into 5 types including Extreme Heavy Duty, Heavy Duty, General Duty, Heavy Duty Skeleton and Ditch Cleaning. Try our extreme heavy duty buckets, CAT serial (CCCAT320DXHD & CCCAT336DXHD) and Komatsu serial (CCPC360XHD & CCPC210XHD), our top 4 Best-Selling buckets, and you will Love it!

We are seeking outstanding products and we are here to present them to you. We hear your feedback, keep improving and innovating to serve you better!

Core Values

Our core values conduct the way we perform work and how our organization operates. The values are at the heart of everything we do. They underlie our work, interact with each other, and govern us which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission.

Our Products

We have lots of high quality buckets to meet your different working needs. All buckets are designed and tested to reach the high performance.


Customer Testimonials

“I have been using C&C buckets on my PC360 and PC210 for about four years. They perform very well, tough and reliable. There is no other expenditure except changing teeth once so far, the owning and operating costs have been reduced over half compared with other brands I used before. ”

Ms. L • Excavator Owner • Quarry Mine in Peterborough, ON

“I use C&C bucket on my CAT 320D. I am very happy to see its powerful performance. C&C bucket is strong enough to dig your any hard materials without deformation.”

Mr. Tuccio • Excavator Owner/ Operator • Contractor in Toronto, ON

Most Popular Brands

We offer custom-made attachments to fit your equipment. Hopefully we can help in finding the right excavator bucket for your machine.

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